Trader Jose’s (Joe’s) Pizza Al Pollo Asado

Trader Jose's Pizza Al Pollo Asado

A tiny pizza, made of corn.

Masa, delicious corn masa. It’s about time some bum decided to start making Mexican-style pizzas with this stuff. Lord knows I wish it had been me. Trader Jose’s Pizza al Pollo Asado Pizza (Hurray, another “ethnic” cousin!) is a tasty and original take on the world of frozen pizzas that will delight your taste buds, and perhaps even open your heart to a whole new world of pizza variations.

Accurate, I’m afraid to say, on every point. Let’s take a look:

The pizza is layered on a thick, masa crust and it is without a doubt the showcase item here. Masa is simply spanish for dough, and corn masa is exactly that – a thick, tasty corn dough. TJ’s manages to make theirs tasty and flavorful while avoiding the common pitfall of being unpleasantly mealy. The toppings aren’t bad either. The chicken chunks taste nicely roasted (it isal asado, after all) and have been spiced up to provide a peppery kick to each bite. The bean-cheese substrate of the pizza is the perfect tomato sauce substitute, binding the toppings to masa in a mild, creamy base.

That said, the promised tomatillo “salsa” is far less than stunning. In fact it’s nothing more than a scattering of dry tomatillo chunks that are so dry and blocky that their more an obstacle to overcome in chewing than a friendly ingredient.

The failings are quite moderate however. Straight out of the oven, the corn masa crusty and piping hot, this tasty appetizer/entree will leave wanting to experience more. Sopes and huraches are all well and good – but the crumbly, yeilding crunch of the thick masa crust brings something new to the game. More substantial than the hurache, and more manageable (and servaable) than the sope, the corn masa pizza is the perfect bridge between Tex and Mex. All the more so if you start layering on lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream to make a towering, masa-crusted tostada cum sliceable seven-layer dip.

The Breakdown:

Would I recommend it: Popping ’em out at parties or chow down with a cerveza

Would I buy it again: Heck yeah – but next time I’ll layer on my own toppings.

Final Synopsis: It’s biggest failing is that they don’t sell a bigger one.

Trader Joe's Pizza Al Pollo Asado - Nutiritional Information

Trader Joe’s Pizza Al Pollo Asado – Nutiritional Information


One Comment on “Trader Jose’s (Joe’s) Pizza Al Pollo Asado”

  1. Cindy says:

    i love this pizza, i have however been disappointed with the last two i purchased. It seem they have altered the crust. neither held up in the oven, i had a mess to clean up. willing to give it one more try or use a cookie sheet

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