On Vacation – Comment Round Up Rodeo!

Hello all you wonderful people, out there in the world.

I’m on vacation all this week, probably relaxing in a hammock even as you read this, so I’m breaking my usual posting schedule. Instead, I’ll be treating you to a round-up of my favorite ever blog posts, one a day, until we resume our regular posting schedule on August 4th.

A clear stand out for my “Favorite Comment” , has to be this gem by spam-bot “cracked games windows phone 7.5” Reposted here for your convenience:

cracked games windows phone 7.5


yоu’rе in reality a fantabulous webmaster. Тhe vane situation load velocity іs incredible.
It seems tɦаt yοu’re dօing whatever classifiable joke.
Αlso, The contеnts are masterwork. yoս’ve done a dandy activeness ߋn this topic!

There’s a lot to love in this comment. As a blogger, being called a webmaster, let alone a “fantabulous” one, really strokes my ego. Things get a little bit confusing after that, then take a sudden nasty turn as whatever I’m doing is suddenly deemed a “classifiable joke”. However, Mr. Games Windows Phone 7.5 manages a beautiful recover in the end with some more fine, balming praise.

A classic example of the “compliment sandwich” technique if there ever was one. Thank you again Mr. Games Windows Phone 7.5! Hope you’re still enjoying the blog!

2 Comments on “On Vacation – Comment Round Up Rodeo!”

  1. SK says:

    Your response made me laugh out loud. Just found your blog, thanks for all your humor and for weeding out the gross tj’s experiments so I don’t have to.

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