Arabian Joe’s Spicy Spinach Pizzas

Trader Joe's Spicy Spinach Pizza

These puppies are all halal and no haram

One of the little touches that so endears me to Trader Joe’s is the way they slightly tweak their brand name on certain products in order to, I don’t know, infuse it with whimsy or something. What ever the reason, I sorta love it a lot. Whether it be Trader Giotto’s bruschetta or Jo Jo’s Animal Crackers, everytime I see one it gives me that little inward thrill of smug pleasure. “If you look closely you’ll see those taco’s say Trader Jose,” I feel like pointing out to everyone, “I’m pretty clever, so I notice those sorts of things.” Yes intellectual self-wankery, one of the many perks of visiting my neighborhood store.

That said Arabian Joe’s Spinach Pizzas might be slightly too erudite for me, for I did not know previously know that tiny spinach and onion pizzas intersected with the Arabian peninsula. The connection is a little easier to spot when you realize these aren’t actually pizza’s in the sense that most American’s conceptualize the food.

Trader Joe’s Spicy Spinach pizzas are more of a pre-made snack bread, than a mini pizza. Rounds of flat bread, rubbed with olive oil, are topped with a minimal (but still delicious) amount of chopped spinach, onion and spices. Instructions call for a very quick jaunt in the oven (about 3 minutes) and result in some delightfully crispy, deliciously snackable food. Delicious en mass as a meal, or excellent one at a time as an appetizer or meal-rounder-outer (if there is a pretentious French word for that term, by the way, please let me know).

The “pizzas” are flavorful by themselves and, as advertised, a little spicy, but not particularly filling. The bread crisps up well, and makes a good base for additional pizza modifications. I topped one with a bit of prosciutto, which was the tits, and I bet garnishes of olives and feta would be about the same. Live it up – or not. Between their small size (6” diameter) and sparse toppings, they are about the healthiest pizza option as you’re likely to find.

Don’t be put off by the unusual packaging. It looks like you’re just buying a bag of blank pitas, but the toppings are packed facing inwards on both sides for some reason. Check ‘em out in the refrigerated food aisle.


Would I Recommend Them: Go at ‘em, they’re good.


Would I Buy Them Again: Yep – cheap, tasty & easy to make.


Final Synopsis: A tasty alternative to the shlumpy pizza bagel, with the potential to be customized.


Trader Joe's Spicy Spinach Pizza - Nutritional Facts


17 Comments on “Arabian Joe’s Spicy Spinach Pizzas”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How could you stop selling them in N. Cal?????????

  2. Peter Plavchan says:

    Bring them back! Not too happy these were discontinued, and I’m too late to buy out the stock of every nearby Trader Joes…

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree I would love for The pizzas to be back on the shelves

      • Anonymous says:

        It is very disappointing that these pizzas are no more sold at trader joe’s. They were best, pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse bring them back asap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have never posted so you know this is a BIG deal! Each week for many many months I would go to Trader Joe’s to buy these amazing pizza crust. I would make a low fat pizza each night – as of today down 48 pounds eating the same thing and happy about it. I went on Saturday to get my packet and was told sorry we don’t have??? I went to the next store -sorry we don’t have and don’t know why????? Really! I have now spent a day trying to find something that is close to replace and nothing. WHY???? bring back!!

  4. zil says:

    Please continue to have this item! I spoke with a staff member in SoCal and he said it has been discontinued.

  5. Cathy says:

    I loved them, put on bruschetta sauce after toasting, yum! I tried to make my own and they came out pretty good, using middle eastern flatbread, very close to original with more spinach.

  6. Denyse says:

    These are a staple at our house !! You can’t stop carrying them !!

  7. kg says:

    Please bring these back. I absolutely need these..

  8. Rachel says:

    Please, please please brink back the spicy spinach pizzas. My husband and I love them and were so disappointed they were discontinued. What were you thinking? 🙂

  9. K E says:

    We miss these terribly… call corporate and tell them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please bring these back!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am a terrible lazy Armenian and I have been eating these for so many years because I hate making lahmajoun by hand and lo and behold these are discontinued! WHAT?!?! NOOOOOO these were my favorite TJ product!! I am so sad :[ Theres no similar product anywhere and I swear I bought enough of them to support their being on the shelf. Total bummer

  12. Sarah V says:

    Pllllleeeeeaaaassee bring these back! They’re delicious and low-calorie and they’re just overall amazing!

  13. […] I used to love these things. We originally only bought the tomato ones, but they were discontinued so we tried the spinach ones, which were equally as delicious. Now those are gone. It's been a few months, at least. *(okay apparently more like a couple of years almost now) […]

  14. Tricia Peterson says:

    This item is in high demand for a return item to be sold. I was thrown off by the label saying “spicy”!!! On an introduction of Trader Joe’s to a friend she bought them. She said they were not spicy as in hot. I tried it and feel in LOVE with them. The next week we returned to find out there was none. When asked it was on back order and soon discontinued. We want them back. I causantes the sales will be up now that we know about them!!!👍

  15. Spicy Spinach Pizza must be returned. It will be a staple now that we know how good they are. They were not spicy(hot) as thought by rte labeling. My friend who eats fire and I with a milder palet both love them, as well as her Dice children and mines!!!

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