Trader Joe’s Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Bars

Trader Joe's Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Bars

Behold the clever angle the bars are displayed at. Surely the stick is down there somewhere, right? Just out of view maybe?

I don’t normally review items that are obviously delicious. For example, I’m not writing a review of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels.

Trader Joe’s Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Bars would seem to fall into this category. I mean, frozen fruit juice bars? It’s not like no one’s every thought of doing this before. Do you really need to be told if you’ll like this or not – especially if you’re at Trader Joe’s where, if you’re in the mood for a frozen fruit bar, you have a choice of about three options?

Let’s just consider the ingredient list – raspberries, sugar, vanilla, cream. Does this sound like something you’d like to eat in a frozen bar form? Of course it does! It really seems like a waste of perfectly good turns of phrase, not to mention everyone’s time, to dig much deeper.

So that’d be it, article over, if it wasn’t for the fact that someone in the Trader Joe’s corporate chain of command is either a twisted madman, or a genius in thrall of a dream beyond our comprehension. In either case the visions that torment him have been made manifest in this bar for, you see, this bar has no stick.

NO STICK. It’s just a little plastic envelop with a lump of frozen fruit and cream in it.

In all honesty, Trader Joe’s expects you to take out one of the small bags, tear open the plastic wrapper, and devour their Raspberry and Vanilla Cream bar right there as is. There is simply no way to take it out of the wrapper without sticky-ing your fingers. I suppose you could drop it onto a plate, at which point you will stare at the sad, stick-less lump and wonder why TJ’s would do such a thing.

The history of civilization is the story of man striving to develop the perfect frozen treat delivery system – whether sandwiched between cookies, pushed up a cardboard tube, enrobed in chocolate and wrapped in foil, served in tiny tubs, sugar cones, waffle cones or chocolate-dipped waffle cones progress has marched on! And throughout it all the stick has remained most simple, most pure and cost effective method – the father and platonic ideal of all frozen treats delivery systems. All this progress out the window!Trader Joe’s is trying to single-handedly undo all the progress frozen novelties have achieve in the past centuries and drag it kicking and screaming back to the dark ages.

This is madness Trader Joe’s! Put sticks in your fruit & cream bars! We are not animals! We will not mess our faces like beasts at the trough. If you wanted to serve ice cream in a little pouch, than call it ice cream in a little pouch. Don’t call it a bar and stick it in with the rest of the iced novelties as if that were somehow sane.

Also, the bars are a little bit small. Each bar comes in at 40 grams, or 1.4 ounces, which makes them about as big as your cell phone’s battery back, or about two bars of guest soap set side to side. That’s may not be much to chew on, but the cream is so sweet and the fruit so rich that it eats slow It is an intense and delicious taste sensation that brims over with real raspberry taste and sweet vanilla cream that would lend itself to slowly nibbling – if only it had a stick.

The Breakdown

Would I Recommend It: Yes, if you don’t mind tiny bars that are doomed to be messy.

Would I Buy It Again: No, it’s just not fun to eat.

Final Synopsis: A delicious bar, fatally flawed by the lack of a stick.

Trader Joe's Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Bars - Nutritional Facts

Trader Joe’s Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Bars – Nutritional Facts


5 Comments on “Trader Joe’s Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Bars”

  1. E says:

    You are just supposed to cut the top of the package off and push the ice cream bar up from the bottom by pinching it with your fingers. Then you can take bites off the exposed parts until it’s finished and throw away the wrapper with zero mess and less waste.

  2. raspberry bar eater guy says:

    Ok, the only reason I googled this is because these things taste good, but holy $!&%, add a damn stick. They have instructions on how to do eat them all over the box and wrapper because its an obvious pain to deal with. I agree with the author on this. Sure there is less waste, but I’m sorry, the previous commenter is just wrong about the mess. Even if you only have an issue with 20% of them you eat (yah I buy them frequently), that means every fifth bar you are going to get something sticky – your fingers or a drip on the floor. And 100% of the time you have to think to yourself, ok don’t make a mess. If there was a stick, there would be all deliciousness and no annoyance.

  3. FormosaHoney says:

    I love it that it doesn’t have a stick! This is such a small bar that none of it melts before I’m done eating it – at an unhurrid pace.

    Personally, I could always tatest the stick on the parts of the ice cream product close to the stick. It’s also the perfect size for an mid-life adult.

    In this form, you can also plate it on a chilled dish, criss-crossed with lines of chocolate topped with a two mint leaves and have a very elegant and delicious dessert to present.

  4. Jane's mom says:

    Smaller box, fewer trees cut down, less expensive… Leave well enough alone! It’s fine just as it is.

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