Trader Joe’s Pane Guttiau – Sardinian Parchment Crackers

Trader Joe's Pane Guttiau Sardinian Parchment Cracker

We might as well be in Sardinia right now.

Sometimes you’re just hankering for something from Sardinia. Maybe the Big Game is about to come on, or maybe the kids are driving you up the wall? Times like these, nothing hits the spot like a little something Sardinian. Not only does Trader Joe’s Sardinian Parchment Crackers bolster the relatively anemic roster of the Sardinian products available from your grocer, but it also has the added benefit of sounding like the hotly contested artifact a dashing archaeologist might be racing Nazis for.

So it’s a great name – but what is a Sardinian Parchment Cracker?Well get ready for some excitement folks, because it’s very thin, flat, unyeasted cracker bread milled from semolina. In other words, a taste explosion. This might be expected given the origin of these crackers – invented circa 1000 BC by wandering shepherds trying to make a portable lunch. No bread lasts so well as a good, dry cracker, and so this it was that this simple, broad, flat snack entered the world.

Joking aside – Trader Joe’s Pane Guttiau is a good tasting cracker with some intriguing applications. In terms of flavor, these crackers are very close to saltines, only enlivened by a touch of olive oil and served much thinner. Much, much thinner actually. The more jocular name for pane guttiau is carta di musica or “music sheet” – either because these wafer thin crackers resemble wrinkled sheets of paper, or because they’re so thin that you can actually read a sheet of music through them. This is no exaggeration – I was able to see my hand through a sheet of pane guttiau, which is not something most crackers can brag of.

There are two main reasons you’re going to want to come to these crackers – for the size and for the texture. The taste, though good, won’t blow you away – it’s the huge 4-5” size of each cracker and their light, crispiness that lets you snack on these in a whole new way. You won’t necessarily be digging into a tub of hummus with these crackers – though you can manage it if you’re careful enough. Instead, they lend themselves to being layered with thin slices of salami and cheese, or dabbed with a nice tapenade and had as an antipasta.

There’s something really enjoyable and liberating about dealing with crackers this size. Instead of being forced into dealing with a set size of cracker out of a box, these parchment crackers allow you to easily snap off any sized section you want from the larger cracker. Nibble on a broken-off corner or stack a plate with multiple layers – the versatility of the pane guttiau is tremendous.

A final note, despite the thinness of the crackers, I found that Trader Joe’s packed a good number into each box. I wound up running out of things to put on the parchment crackers before the parchment crackers themselves ran out.

If you’re going to try these – get some good cheese and meats, some nice spreads, and enjoy a little free-form snacking.

The Breakdown

Would I Recommend Them: Yes, particularly if you’re exhausted by traditionally sized crackers.

Would I Buy Them Again: Eventually, maybe when I have guests over.

Final Synopsis: These ancient, wafer-like crackers are a whole new way to snack!


15 Comments on “Trader Joe’s Pane Guttiau – Sardinian Parchment Crackers”

  1. Linsey Hobbs says:

    These crackers are amazing, my new favorite product as far as snacking goes! The perfect vehicle for those salt cravings! The thinness of these crackers is refreshing. I’ve never eaten a cracker in this form before. Thank you for the mentioning the tapenade and the lunch meat/salami ideas. I was absolutely lost as to what to eat on them. I’ve been simply enjoying them alone, which as you know, is simply delicious!

  2. Alicia says:

    I just tried these and they are awesome. I chuckled when you mentioned that you probably wouldn’t be digging into a tub of hummus with these, because that’s actually what I did. I bought them at the TJ’s next to my work and had them for lunch with some hummus that I had in the break room fridge. As long as you break them into saltine-sized hunks, they work great for hummus dunking!

  3. Drew says:

    These are definitely yeasted.

  4. debbie breeden says:

    the best thing I have ever had! I just wish I could get them shipped to me. Live in TN and there is no Trader Joes here! Absolutely delicious!!!

  5. Lurline Deans says:

    They are addictive!!!!!! I buy these every week!

  6. Sarah Jarrett says:

    Is there a mail order possibility for this product? I live in an area that has no Trader Joe’s closer than 300 miles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They’ve UNFORTUNATELY been DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sad, no one in the Washington area has any left on the shelves. Bring my cracker back! Please

  9. Dot Blum says:

    I take these to special gatherings often and every time I do, people want to know what these are and where to buy them. Please do not stop carrying these crackers. They are incredible with cheeses and smoked salmon and many other appetizers and dishes.

  10. Dot Blum says:

    Bring these crackers back please. I make a special trip to Trader Joe’s for these crackers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please, please bring back the Pane Guttiau Sardinian Crackers! They are delicious and a wonderfully satisfying lo-cal snack or nibble to go with a glass of wine.

  12. […] side versions (although not as authentic) were once available at Trader Joe’s  as Pane Guttiau – Sardinian Parchment Crackers or you can make them with the following […]

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