Trader Joe’s Cypriot Pyramid Salt

Trader Joe's Cypriot Pyramid Salt

A product name that is both self evident, and maddeningly confusing.

Holy crap guys, I dare you to string three words together that make less sense than “Cypriot Pyramid Salt”. What does that mean? Is it salt from the pyramids of Cyprus? The code name of a covert military strike force?  Surely it couldn’t be salt actually shaped like tiny pyramid. Surely anything but that. I’ve seen some pretty unbelievable things in the 30 or so revolutions I’ve taken on this little ball we call the Earth, but nothing in my experience has ever prepared me for salt that self-assembles into large, pyramid-shaped crystal. And yet, dear reader, that is exactly what we are talking about today.

Honestly, there’s not much more to say about Trader Joe’s Cypriot Pyramid Salt. Is it from Cyprus? Yup. Is it salt? Yup. Is it inexplicably shaped like little pyramids? Double yup. That’s basically case closed. Do you want your eggs to look more like Egypt? You’re all set. There’s nothing I can say or do to detract from the demonstrable reality that this salt looks like little pyramids. Well done, Trader Joe’s – you win again.

I mean, I guess the only real big question we need to answer here is, why is Trader Joe’s getting their Pyramid Salt from Cyprus, instead of somewhere else? There’s nothing specifically uniquely Cyprian about pyramid salt – similarly shaped salt naturally occurs around the world from Bali to England. The interesting phenomenon of “pyramid salt” falls under the broader salt category of “flake salts”, as opposed to granular salt. These flake salts are capable of taking all sorts of forms, although usually just irregular shapes or potato-chip like laminated crystals. Pyramid shaped salt crystals are just one of those remarkable quirks of life on this here planet, and a cool example of the amazing structures that nature is apt to produce when you do things like evaporate the water from a saline solution.

Unlike the Himalyan Salt with Truffles  that we reviewed before, there is nothing shocking or strange about this salt’s taste. It simply tastes like salt. So why pick it up, when you already have a big box of Molson’s in the cupboard? Because of the unusual shape, of course. I may be no selmelier, but even I can appreciate the interesting texture you get from these little hollow pyramids. For one, there’s an exciting crunch to each of these crispy, hollow crystals. That same, thin form means that each salt crystal has a huge amount of surface area as well – the crystal hits the tongue all at once then melts away in a moment. As Trader Joe’s says themselves on the jar – these tiny pyramids of salt add bursts of flavor.

Okay, but what are you adding flavor to with this stuff? Well, like most flake salts – this pyramid salt is best used as finishing salt. What’s a finishing salt? Honestly, I’d really love to just dig into that question, but I’m not sure it’s possible to hold forth on the finer points of finishing salts and not feel like an asshole. Simply put a finishing salt is basically a garnish to top off your dish. Flaking some of this pyramid salt over a broiled fish, or rimming a margarita glass with these angular shards is just one more way to add an intriguing new dimension to your food.

If that extra touch of flair is worth it to you, then this is an easy accessory to pick up. If, on the other hand, your ordinary shaker gets you by alright, this is probably an embellishment you can skip.

The Breakdown

Would I Recommend It: I would if you like impressing dinner guests.

Would I Buy It Again: I doubt I’ll ever use up the container I’ve got.

Final Synopsis: Pyramid shaped salt that gives adds an interesting crunch.


8 Comments on “Trader Joe’s Cypriot Pyramid Salt”

  1. msdebraanastasia says:

    Putting it on top of the salted caramels is heaven.

  2. Tisa says:

    This salt is amazing. So amazing it brought me to google it to see where I could get more as I’m not near a trader joes . I gave some to my mom and she’s obsessed and the guy who cked me out at traders himself was obsessed. They leave little bursts of flavor in your mouth. This reviewers article was full of worthless sarcasm. I hope traders continues to sell this.

  3. amyenoch says:

    I got a little tin of this stuff as a little Christmas gift, with no idea what to do with it or how to use it. This was funny and useful. Thanks!

  4. This salt is so good! It’s good as a finishing salt, but also grind between fingers to sprinkle across food about to be cooked, my fave is on personal pizzas when I use a salt 😀 It has it’s own unique salt flavor, not like sea salt or pink himalayan salt or kosher salt etc. If you like to have a variety of salts to cook/bake with, buy this, you won’t be disappointed. And I do believe that TJ’s is carrying it year round…yay!!!

  5. thegourmez says:

    Love this stuff, though I too wonder if I’ll ever use the whole container.

  6. Anonymous says:

    TJ seems to have discontinued?

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