On Vacation – Comment Round Up

Hello all you wonderful people, out there in the world.

I’m on vacation all this week, probably relaxing in a hammock even as you read this, so I’m breaking my usual posting schedule. Instead, I’ll be treating you to a round-up of my favorite ever blog posts, one a day, until we resume our regular posting schedule on August 4th.

I’ll be back and posting like regular shortly. In the meanwhile, I’m taking a break from the Spam Bots to cover a posting by a real person.

This comment is actually the first negative feedback I received on my blog. The author goes on at such length, and takes such a castigating tone, that I never had the guts to publish it before. The topic, of course, is coffee – a subject which arouses considerable passion among armchair elitists the world over. It’s one of the food topics I tend to avoid, along with wine and cheese, on account of the number of people who enjoy these things on sophisticated, and utterly humorless, levels.

I’m taken pretty savagely to task regarding my snarky opinions which, I suppose, I probably deserve. To everyone out there who has ever wished they could tell me to just shut my stupid, uneducated, untrained mouth, this one is for you.


Dear Profounderjester,
your review of Trader Joes Cold Brew Concentrate shows your ignorance of the subject matter and illustrates why novices should not be allowed to commentate on subject matters which they know nothing about. Your review of this new product states that the two big differences between hot and cold brewed coffee are simply lower acidity and stronger more concentrated strength but you have omitted the biggest different of all and the foremost reason why the majority of cold brew coffee drinkers choose cold brew over hot brew. The biggest advantage of cold brew as anyone who is remotely familiar with this type of drink which is widely accepted in may regions throughout the world despite your ignorant view that it is somehow a newly discovered type of brewing method is that cold brewed coffee is not as susceptible to the acrid and pungent flavors which a hot brewed coffee is subject to as soon as it starts the cooling process. Hot brewed coffee must be kept at certain temperatures to prevent an acrid flavor from developing. This is why there is such a focus on having hot brewed coffee that is fresh and that has been brewed recently and that has been maintained at specific temperatures because if hot brewed coffee is not carefully maintained in strict conditions and kept hot enough then the taste will suffer. This is why iced coffee which is made from hot brew must be cooled rapidly or poured over ice to prevent acridity. Cold brewed coffee is immune from the shortcomings that hot brewed coffee is susceptible to and your suggestion that the two main differences are simply lower acidity and stronger more concentrated strength shows that your do not understand why cold brewed coffee is so popular is many regions of the world and your perceived advantages of cold brewed coffee show that you only have an elementary level of understanding of this new trader joes product offering that you purport to have insight on.

One Comment on “On Vacation – Comment Round Up”

  1. Well thankfully mr. smartypants educated us all on the real difference between cold brewed and hot brewed coffee :-O Though more importantly in the Cookie Butter realm, there’s a brand spanking new offering, Cookie Butter Cream Cheese 😀
    -> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206258660899916

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