On Vacation – Comment Round Up

Hello all you wonderful people, out there in the world.

I’m on vacation all this week, probably relaxing in a hammock even as you read this, so I’m breaking my usual posting schedule. Instead, I’ll be treating you to a round-up of my favorite ever blog posts, one a day, until we resume our regular posting schedule on August 4th.

This Spam Bot provides a harrowing glimpse of the rapidly approaching future.

Hair Growth Shampoo

Heplo there! Why peoole still use to ead news papers wen in tis technological globe everything is available on web?

Because of this, Spam Bot. People still read newspapers because they envision the dystopia that you have perfectly ennuciated here. Support quality reporting people, don’t be afraid to subscribe to good news sources. Otherwise we’ll all be saying “Heplo” before we know it.

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