Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack

Trader Joe's Roasted Seaweed Snack

Seaweed, served to you in a cocktail glass

So good, but so far from food. Eating these is like eating firecrackers – a hot, spicy pop that vanishes into empty air.

If you don’t think you’d ever eat a sheet of roast seaweed, try these. Now I, personally, love eating sheets of roast seaweed, giant unflavored sheets that I fold into my mouth like wallpaper, but I can understand that this maybe isn’t everybody’s bag. These f—ckrs are a totally different beast– tiny, bite size seaweed snackers dusted with an invisible layer of burning hot wasabi flavor. They are absolutely addictive, as soon as I got up off my ass after eating the first one I dove for another, and another, until there were no more. The wasabi practically stings when it hits your tongue, then vanishes in a flash leaving just a limp, little flap of seaweed to slide mundanely  down your throat.

With a snack this original and tasty and all together rad, it’s a brutal blow to the solar plexus that they’re sold in almost infinitesimally small packets. Trader Joe’s isn’t exactly packing the value into this one either. Popping open the pack, you’ll see that it isn’t exactly packed to the gills. A judicious spacing is alotted each sheet, like a seaweed condo, so that you only get about 20 of the teensy slices.  A whole serving (1/2 the pack, by the way) accounts for only 30 calories – about the nutritional content of a gumball.

It’s a shame that such an awesome product is parceled out in such scanty portions; it renders the product nearly purposeless. The flavor is too intense to sit and crunch on all day, and too airy to justify packing jut a couple with your lunch. Short of stocking up on 5 cartons at a time, the only use I can see for these is either as an unusual snack spread at a party, doomed to be gobbled up in a flash, or as a small, critical component in some sort of homemade Asian-Fusion cuisine.


Would I recommend them: To seaweed lovers and the seaweed neutral alike.

Would I buy them again: If I was holding an Asian-Fusion cuisine party.

Final Synopsis: All sizzle, no steak.

Trader Joe's Roasted Seaweed Snack - Nutritional Facts