Trader Joe’s Pure Coconut Water

Trader Joe's Pure Coconut Water

Now in convenient giant box form.

I don’t like coconut water. I’m officially on the books as one of those guys who walks around with a half-quizzical, half-angry look on his face, loudly complaining to his friends about how stupid it is that coconut water is being sold everywhere all of the sudden. Granted, I formed my opinion after trying maybe two different types of coconut water (Zico, and something else – something stupid) but that was enough for me. To hell with coconut water! It tastes weird and kind of gross, it routinely costs four bucks a bottle, it’s been co-opted by the uber-trendy – what more reason did I need to forsake it forever?

Forsake it I did until, in a moment of sheer caprice, I picked up Trader Joe’s Coconut Water. now sold in convenient giant box form. Instead of taking it home, trying a warm sip in my kitchen then writing a pissy article about it with one hand while pouring it down the drain with the other, I thought I’d actually give it a fair shake, take this one out into the real world, and field test it.

The one thing that coconut water gains the most acclaim for, and cornerstone to it’s marketing spiels, is how incredibly hydrating it’s alleged to be. Seeing as that all of my encounters with coconut water have been in the comfort of my own kitchen while at 90% hydration, I’m willing to grant that I haven’t really given coconut water a fair shot. What if I was super in to yoga, like the girls in all the coconut water ads? What if I was all sweaty and tired from yoga? Would I have a totally different opinion of this otherwise lame drink?

I executed my plan on one of the 90+ degree Saturday’s Los Angeles has been inflicting on us throughout late summer. I left home with two bottles, a liter of Trader Joe’s Electrolyte Enhanced Water (not reviewed on this blog because, come on, it’s basically just water), and the unwieldy, soft-sided 750 ml box of Trader Joe’s Coconut Water.

The plan,such as it was, was to walk down to a local park, goof around and play Frisbee with friends, and self-hydrate as necessary. I ran into trouble immediately out the door. While attempting to apply sunscreen to my head and walk at the same time, I managed to apply 100 times the required amount of lotion. Operating off of, what I know recognize as deeply flawed logic, I attempted to massage the pool of sunscreen into my scalp. This did not work out well, resulting in a dense mat of oily, greasy hair. While this did provide an all but impenetrable barrier to ultraviolet radiation, it also prevented normal perspiration. After walking two blocks, giant beads of sweat were already crawling down my forehead. I cracked open the electrolyte enhanced water and began to drink.

Two hours and a bathroom break later, the bottle of water was laying empty next to me. Meanwhile, the stealthy hands of dehydration continued their busy work, pilfering my precious bodily fluids. The time had come for coconut water. I popped open the sun-warmed box and took a drink. Folks, believe me when I tell you that I was instantly quenched in a way the water didn’t even come close too.

The coconut water lit up my whole tongue as it hungrily responded to the vital potassium and trace nutrients it contained. When it splashed down into my stomach, I could actually feel a difference in the level of hydration I was receiving – I could feel the coconut water saturating and infusing my whole body. To put it mildly, I was astonished. I expected the coconut water to be a good source of hydration, in a best case scenario I thought it might be on par with water. I certainly didn’t expect it to completely blow away water. Where the water felt like it was nourishing the top of my tongue, but the coconut water felt like it was hitting every nook and cranny, hydrating me throughout my body. Simply put, it was satisfying in an organic, fulfilling way.

Did it still taste gross and slightly off-putting? Yes, absolutely. But what I’ve come to realize is that coconut water isn’t playing the tasty drink game, it’s playing the hydration game – and in that arena it triumphs.

If you, like me, have avoided coconut water on the grounds that it’s gross and expensive,you’re absolutely validated and may continue to do so. If, however, you’re looking for a healthy, natural and very effective way to rehydrate – Trader Joe’s Pure Coconut Water is an excellent solution.

The Breakdown

Would I Recommend It: Yes, if you plan on sweating; no if you want a tasty drink.

Would I Buy It Again: Yup, I’m a coconut water convert.

Final Synopsis: Coconut water will hydrate the hell out of you.

Trader Joe's Pure Coconut Water - Nutrition Facts

Trader Joe’s Pure Coconut Water – Nutrition Facts


6 Comments on “Trader Joe’s Pure Coconut Water”

  1. Sapuca10 says:

    It was very interesting to read your honest comments about the flavor and your experience with coconut water in terms of the hydration. I am curious to know your experience with flavored coconut water, have you ever tried the tetrapak Foco brand? VitaCoco used to offer good coconut water mixed with other fruits (puree), however their quiality was gone down. In terms of flavor the Trader Joe’s brand is not in my top 3, I was very impressed with the Whole Foods brand coconut water. I must add that I shop at both, so it is not a biased opinion. : ) I look forward to hear your feedback on coconut water with flavors (Guava, Pineapple, Orange, Pomagranate, Lychee, Mango, etc).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your blog. I love Trader Joe’s and am delighted to find a blog that I can check before buying all items that I’ve been curious but cautious to lay down the buck. This comment has nothing to do with the coconut water article but more a general suggestion- would it be at all possible to change the background of your website? Although I find the flowers beautiful, the black ink of the flowers makes your writing extremely hard to read. I had to scroll up and down to try to avoid the black sunflowers to read the writing. Other than that, I look forward to more entries! Keep up the good work!

  3. Merle says:

    The best coconut water there is. I was unhappy when I could not get any in Yonkers and Danbury. Too good I buy a plenty at one time . Fearful I will not get and the price is so good.
    Please continue supplying that Caribbean Trader Joes coconut water

  4. Tianis says:

    I just picked up some of this stuff today and much like yourself I was skeptic. But when the crew member offerred as he clearly noticed I was looking in total disbelief of the all the mombo jomba water stuff, i couldn’t resist to at least judge it harshly. I was totally surpised! I like the taste and the convenience of the box. 3 thumbs up to TJ’s!

  5. reggiedoc says:

    My wife got several 16.9 oz (500mL) tetrapak carton bottles/boxes from Trader Joe’s and since I love coconut water I tried it immediately after a long day at work. This is one of the best tasting coconut water out there and comes close to the taste of natural coconut water I was so used to growing up! I will post pictures later if allowed 🙂

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