Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza

Trader Joe's Thai Vegetable Gyoza

Delicious vegan gyoza!

Trader Joe’s just keeps hammering out the pot stickers. After trying the chicken gyoza, and shirmp gyoza, it seemed like I had to finally try Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza.

I’ve been holding off on these because, to be honest, an all vegetable gyoza just didn’t sound very appealing. I love vegetables, and there are salads I would kill for, but a bunch of mushed up steamed veggies just didn’t sound like something that was going to satisfy. At most, I was expecting something that might make a satisfactory hors d’oeuvre, to be absentmindedly pushed down the gullet while waiting for the real fare to come out. It was to my surprise that I found these Thai Vegetable Gyozas hold their own with any of Trader Joe’s other excellent gyoza.

I’m routinely shocked when I find a vegan food that isn’t merely palatable, but makes me want to go back for seconds. I suppose that speaks to my ignorance, because we’re lucky enough to live in a world where tasty vegan food is on the rise – particularly, as we’ve seen before, on the shelves of Trader Joe’s. It’s even more surprising considering that it’s a fast food that cooks from frozen in about 5 minutes. That’s a pretty good trick – of course, on the other hand, Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza aren’t really vegan at all.

Scour the bag all you might, you won’t find the telltale “V” TJ’s uses to demarcate their vegan offerings. That’s not because of the ingredients, which are all plants and plant-derived, but because of the processing facility. While laudable that these gyoza, like the Thai shrimp gyoza, are handmade in Thailand, their manufactured on the same machines that handle fish and shellfish – meaning they can’t give the bag that little happy “V”. I dare say that depending on which way your morals fall, that might still be vegan enough for some vegans out there.

Piscine allegations notwithstanding, there’s no reason these gyoza should be limited to only the Vegan. Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza aren’t merely the “meat-free” version of a tastier gyoza, like some vegetarian fare tends to be, but are actually tasty pot stickers in their own right.

Each plump dumpling is stuffed with a filling of white cabbage, carrot, chive, radish, green onion and white onion – plus a dash of ginger, garlic and soy sauce. As you might guess from all the members of the Allium family in there, these are pungent little suckers – packing enough onion and garlic to imbue the minced cabbage with flavorful (if kiss-averting) taste. The touch of ginger and soy sauce lighten things up, giving the dumpling a zippy, slightly exotic taste. The body of the gyoza, which I was worried about being too meager, actually makes for a nice chewy mouthful thanks to the cabbage and carrot filling. Of course, the gyoza also benefits from the same excellent skin of Trader Joe’s other gyoza – thin, chewy, and pleasant to the bite.

What I really liked about these is that they have a very different flavor and mouth feel from the pork or chicken potstickers, which tend to be rather samey. By taking away the meat, it really gives the gyoza a chance to showcase a different, but still satisfying taste. While I might not be switching over to these gyoza exclusively, I could definitely see buying a bag of these for every bag of pork gyoza I get. Served alongside each other, they would add a level of depth that a simple plate of one or the other wouldn’t have by itself.

 The Breakdown

Would I Recommend It: Yes – but with a caveat to vegans.

Would I Buy It Again: Yup, they fill in

Final Synopsis: Nice gyoza that satisfy even without the meat.

Trader Joe's Thai Vegetable Gyoza

Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza




14 Comments on “Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza”

  1. Ttrockwood says:

    I love these gyoza! Since I’m vegetarian I haven’t ever tried the other versions, but i flop a few into miso broth with chopped bok choy, some edamame, and scallions for a delicious 8 minute meal.

  2. […] D: More rice from lunch with frozen goyozas from Trader Joe’s. […]

  3. Kris says:

    These are one of my very favorite TJ items! In fact, I’m out and I’m pretty sad about that. I’ll need to persuade my hubby to make the 45 minute trek up to the nearest TJ’s to get a bag or 20 to keep in my freezer and feed my addiction!

  4. Steve says:

    Why do they seem to go out of stock for a month or so at a time?

  5. Anonymous says:

    They’re super yummy but sad face for palm oil!

  6. Monica says:

    They are delicious, and def good idea to make a meal with add-ins 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    Consumer Beware!
    Ever since eating these, I’ve had severe stomach issues to the point where I need to see a
    Doctor. I didn’t realize that these were made in Tailand until it was too late!!

  8. Corla says:

    I normally love gyoza but these I do not like. I find the taste of the filling unappealing. I tried to give the rest of what I brought to a friend who also didn’t care for them either.

  9. Monika Robinson says:

    “Even without the meat”. Because a piece of decaying flesh is so yummy, mmmm mmmmm. At least you didn’t cross them off for not having flesh in them. Geez.

  10. Lawerence Segrew says:

    “They’re* manufactured” fourth paragraph.

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