Trader Joe’s Premium Extra Sweet Strawberries

Trader Joe's Premium Extra Sweet Strawberries

Now we’re talking!

Know who loves a good strawberry? Everybody. Sweet, red, plump, fragrant and delicious – this time of year strawberries are overflowing the shelves of our local supermarkets and piling up at quaint roadside stands.

Know what sucks though? Have you ever brought home a batch of big honkin’ strawberries, only to bite into one and be completely let down. Plump, red and fragrant sure – but just not all that sweet. Certainly not sweet enough to scratch that summertime strawberry itch. You might luck out with a perfectly batch from your local farmer’s market, but supermarkets are notoriously bad about selling you huge strawberries that taste more tart and watery than sweet and delectable.

Enter Trader Joe’s Premium Extra Sweet Strawberries – a direct answer to the millions left wanting by subpar strawberries. These ruby red fruits promise you succulent, sweet supping with their deep red coloration and wonderful fragrance – and it’s a promise they deliver on.

This is not the sort of strawberry that you’re used to seeing in the supermarket, even at a Trader Joe’s. You’ll find them (while they last) in the produce section next to Trader Joe’s two other varieties of strawberry – regular and organic. Both the regular and organic strawberries have the usual bright red color you expect, which makes the deep red of the Premium Extra Sweet Strawberries much more striking. You won’t notice any white patches on these burgundy beauties – they’re dark red from stem to tip.

Side by side comparison - ordinary Trader Joe's strawberry on the left, Premium Trader Joe's strawberry on the right.

Side by side comparison – ordinary Trader Joe’s strawberry on the left, Premium Trader Joe’s strawberry on the right.

In fact, they’re a little too dark red. While every batch of strawberries has a few soft spots in it, you’ll notice that most of the strawberries in this “premium” batch are a bit on the soft side. While that may not sound ideal, it’s an unavoidable quality of these sweeter strawberries – the higher sugar content means they have a shorter shelf life and are more prone to going squishy than their firmer, lower-sugar counterparts.

If you don’t mind your strawberries a little on the soft side, they’re well worth the extra thirty cents per pint – these strawberries are notable sweeter and more flavorful. Even the duds in the bunch are a bit sweeter than your ordinary strawberry, while the softer, darker red ones are positively bursting with strawberry sweetness – not a hint of tartness to be found.

While the softer texture may make them a little hard for some people to enjoy straight from the box, they’re certainly ideal for cooking with. Slices of these very sweet strawberries will elevate your shortcake, spongecake or ice cream to premium levels.

The Breakdown

Would I Recommend Them: Yes, so long as you don’t mind soft strawberries.

Would I Buy Them Again: In a heartbeat. Thirty cents extra is a steal for actually flavorful strawberries.

Final Synopsis: Much sweeter, and squishier, strawberries.


4 Comments on “Trader Joe’s Premium Extra Sweet Strawberries”

  1. jeanettemsg says:

    (But) are they organic? Through research I found that fruits such as strawberries need to be organic, as they are particularly susceptible to irremovable pesticide poisoning on account of all those little built-in holes. I have had no problem with TJ’s organic frozen berries, btw.

  2. Natalie says:

    These didn’t wow me at all. I only tried them because they were out of organic and I really wanted strawberries. I’m sticking to the organic ones; those are pretty much always perfect!

  3. I will keep my eyes open for these when I go next! I love sweet strawberries!!!

  4. strawberry says:

    My father raised strawberrys to sell in the 60’s. The best he ever had was one called Big Joe. Is this the same berry and where can I get some plants?

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