Trader Joe’s Chili Spiced Pineapple

Trader Joes Chili Spiced Pineapple

The torturous little bits

I picked these up based on a single wavering point of uncertainty in my soul, I love the idea of spicy, sweet pineapple chunks – but will they be too spicy? I mean, they put a chili right there, on the front of the label. That’s a bold statement. More alarmingly, by far actually, is the way that each segment of pineapple is caked in bright-red chili powder. Not dusted, not coated, but actually choked with hot-looking ground red cayenne.

The first nibble proved that my fears were, if anything, too conservative. In the first bite there was nothing but the taste of cayenne, a burning that persisted lound and strong even when the sweet taste of candied pineapple came through, and which continued on long after the morsel was eaten. I immediately freaked. My initial expectation what that there would also be a salty layer – like in delicious Mexican candy. This was no snack for children – or if ever a child was found that did like them, they would likely twist my arm up behind my back and take the rest of the bag and probably my wallet too.

The weird thing is, after a couple minutes when the pain had faded away, I went back for more, and more after that. Somehow, despite my chili wuss status, I was addicted. The pepper didn’t stop burning my lips, but somehow the sweetness and pain of it all kept bringing me back for more. I think some part of it can be attributed to the texture of the candied pineapple bits, which was both novel and pleasantly yielding, all the plastic give of dehydrated fruit, but under coating that was neither sticky nor melty. Easily as enjoyable to handle and chew as they are to actually taste.

Would I recommend them: Yes

Would I buy them again: Yes

Final Synopsis: Adult candy that bring pleasure past pain.

Trader Joe's Chili Spiced Pineapple - Nutritional Facts

One Comment on “Trader Joe’s Chili Spiced Pineapple”

  1. Gary says:

    Sadly, for some reason, I haven’t seen these at TJ’s for weeks now; actually more like months. What happened? Did they lose their pineapple supplier? Bad crop? Did you buy them all??? Frustrating. :-/

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