Trader Joe’s Super Seeded Tortilla Chips


Trader Joe's Super Seeded Tortilla Chips

Doesn't the name suggest that this chip has already been outdone?


Okay, let’s get real here again – real about really delicious tortilla chips. Today’s delicious offering are the nuttiest chips you’re likely to find – nutty because they are chock full of organic seeds that make your chip’s crunch crunch. As the bag boldly proclaims – these chips are made with organic flax, hemp, poppy, caraway and chia seeds. That’s right, chia seeds aren’t just for growing afros on novelty porcelain busts anymore – they’re in your chips! Forming the substrate for the seeds you’ll find a mix of organic white corn flour and “expeller pressed” safflower / sunflower oil. Expeller pressing is simply a method of extracting oil from seeds and such by crushing the hell out of it in a big press, as opposed to the more efficient method of dousing it with poisonous chemicals (generally some sort derivative of crude oil derivitve). Healtheir? Arguably, but it definitely sounds better.

So this product gets full brownie points for being hippie-friendly as all get out, but are they good? In this case, the hippies win. The extra crunchy, nutty flavor the chips suits the tongue just right – a welcome change up to the entirely mundane plain tortilla chip. That said, these chips are as all-purpose and utilitarian as your ordinary sack of chips. The caraway seeds, organic or not, still pack that overpowering caraway flavor. Since you don’t taste one until you happen to crunch down right on it, it’s not a taste you can expect in every bite. Eat your salsa with these chips and every few bites it’ll taste like you’re eating salsa on rye bread. Limit these chips to heavier, savory tastes – hummus and guacamole.


Would I Recommend Them: Absolutely, but plan for the caraway seeds or you’ll be sorry.


Would I Buy Them Again: If I needed to casually impress a vegan.


Final Synopsis: Combine a good new taste with a clever pun and I’m sold every time.

Trader Joe's Super Seeded Tortilla Chips - Nutritional Facts


3 Comments on “Trader Joe’s Super Seeded Tortilla Chips”

  1. Joe Dynamo says:

    .. Trader Joe’s has discontinued these for some unknown reason, do you think they were pressured by the DEA because they contain beneficial Hemp seeds (hemp reduces inflamation).

  2. Christine says:

    My husband and I discovered these when we spent the summer of 2011 in Oregon. Where we live, we don’t have a Trader Joe’s near us. As we were traveling in Arizona a few weeks ago we drove by a Trader Joe’s and stopped there specifically for these chips! We were so disappointed that they didn’t have them on the shelves. I’m doubly disappointed to read the one comment on your post saying they’ve been discontinued!! These are the best multigrain chips ever! The multigrain chips from Food Should Taste Good are second best, so at least we’ll have those to fall back on! :/

  3. ung thu vu says:

    Thankѕ foг finallү writing about >Trader Joes Super Seesded Tortilla Chips | Eating Аt Joes <Liked it!

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