Trader Joe’s Apple And Carrot Fruit Crushers

Trader Joe's Apple Carrot Fruit Sauce Crushers

Not pictured – the crushing.

What’s behind the intriguing and slightly extreme name? (“Get yourself a CRUSHER!”, Gen-x advertising copy might read, or perhaps “CRUSH it!”). The answer is, basically just applesauce.

Trader Joe looks like he’s trying to straddle the line between kid’s snack and adult snack with this product. As such, I’ll give my review for each demographic.


For kids: A good applesauce source. The pouches are engagingly colorful, the carrots in the apple sauce are all but undetectable, and the bags are fun to squish and play with (both in the titular crushing activity and in the fun of having a built in straw to blow and suck on). Also cool, the sleek, over-sized caps are very satisfying to twist off. The self-contained packaging also means not having to worry about where a spoon will come from, or where it will go afterwards. One small downside, the bag design is abstract in the ugly way, not the interesting way. Overall, an easy add to the sack lunch bag.


For adults: Not really happening. The pouch is just small enough that it doesn’t quite qualify as an adult-sized snack – you can basically just slurp the whole thing and not even notice it. The box of four lasted me two days and even then failed to make a lasting impression. The feeding tube combined with the bag’s soft sides means that you’ll suck the thing dry in about two seconds. With a cup of applesauce there’s the possibility of dawdling over dawdling over it during break time; with the fruit crusher there’s not much else to do but slam it and go. Unless you’ve really got your heart set on carroty applesauce, there are better choices for your snacking dollar.


Would I recommend it: If you had a small child.

Would I buy it again: If I had a small child.

Final Synopsis: Fun to play with, but leaves you hungry.

Trader Joe's Apple Carrot Fruit Sauce Crusher Pouch

The wee pouch.


Trader Joe's Apple Carrot Fruit Sauce Crushers - Nutrition Facts


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  2. I only shop at Trader Joe’s. My kids love these and it is a great healthy snack.

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